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"I have a style in mind for my photos, but whenever I start editing in Lightroom, it's a complete mess."

Every day, I get emails from photographers who are frustrated with Lightroom. They've tried everything they know, but they've hit a plateau. No matter how much time they spend fiddling with different settings, they rarely get their photos exactly like they want.

The problem is that you understand the features of Lightroom without understanding how they all fit together. You're missing the roadmap for getting better results.

And unfortunately, most courses fail to address this fundamental problem. They focus on what the settings do without ever teaching how to use them to get what you envision.

I have a confession. When I first started using Lightroom, I had the same struggles and frustrations as the photographers who now email me looking for help.

It took me 5+ years of hard, unconventional work to master this craft...

...I studied film emulation in depth, read technical documents on the tonal curves of printed paper types, dissected the documentation behind Lightroom's RAW conversion engine, built complicated excel spreadsheets...

(I'm not gonna lie. I kind of "geek out" over this stuff.)

And in the process, I discovered the undocumented tricks and secrets I use today to build my NATE Cam presets and help photographers around the world.


Being 100% satisfied with your photo edits in Lightroom

Knowing EXACTLY how to use Lightroom's tools to get any style you want

Saving time because you know exactly what "tweaks" you need to make (instead of "fiddling around" with settings)

Being able to build your own, recognizable styles that fans & clients love

Charging clients more for your services (or even selling your own presets)

What would this mean for you and your photography?

For the first time ever, you have the chance to learn my secrets for mastering Lightroom.

Everything I'm about to show you in these masterclasses has been a closely guarded secret up to now. These are the same tools, techniques and processes I use to earn a living developing presets and providing style consulting.

You truly won't find this training anywhere else.

What took me 5+ years to master, you can now learn directly from me in the next few weeks, in 4 brand new masterclasses:


Style Masterclass:
See how to use my "Four Building Blocks of Style" to get any style
12 Videos   "Look Decoder" Cheatsheet


Tone Masterclass:
Get just the right tones every time using the RGB Tone Curve
6 Videos   "Tone Grid" Cheatsheet


Color Cast Masterclass:
Add consistent, jaw-dropping moods using the individual R/G/B curves
8 Videos   "Color Cast Mixology" Cheatsheet


Color Palette Masterclass:
Design perfect, complimentary color palettes, every time.
6 Videos   "Goal Based Palette Design" Cheatsheet

These 4 masterclasses are designed from the ground up with the same obsessive attention to detail that I put into post-processing itself. You won't find this material or these tools anywhere else.

So if you're ready to invest in your craft – ready to unlock the full potential of your photos in Lightroom – then I hope to see you inside!


What's Inside

Take a peek inside each masterclass

Style Masterclass

Style Masterclass

12 Videos
120 Minutes
"Look Decoder" Cheatsheet
RAW Course Files

Tone Masterclass
Color Cast Masterclass
Color Palette Masterclass

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Style Masterclass



Tone Masterclass



Color-Cast Masterclass



Palette Masterclass



SPECIAL! Lightroom Mastery Bundle

$247 (Save $141)

Get the complete series of Lightroom Masterclasses from NATE Photographic in this special, limited-time bundle. This includes everything you need to edit with confidence and get incredible results in Lightroom.

All 4 Masterclasses (Style, Tone, Color-Cast & Color Palette)

All Cheatsheets (Look Decoder, Tone-Grid, Color-Cast Mixology, Goal-Based Palette)

BONUS #1: Q&A Session

BONUS #2: "How to Build (And Sell) Presets" Live Session

60-Day Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 60 days, and I'll send you a full, 100% refund.

What Photographers are Saying

"3 Days with this course taught me more than YEARS of YouTube videos and blog posts..."

"Nate - I cannot begin to express how thankful I am I enrolled in your course. I legitimately want to cry because I wish I had known this before I spent 6 months developing ONE preset of my own. I’ve been using Lightroom for years, have watched every youtube video and read every blog post I could find about developing presets and up until now it’s been an aimless guessing game of trial and error. I just finished your LR Mastery course and I’m FLOORED by the amount of information you generously provided. Literally, exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s been three days since I began your course and I’ve already begun to complete my full preset pack. Funny what’s possible when you actually understand what you’re doing. Many thanks and cheers! 🤘🍻"

Devin Jenkins

"All I can say is WOW!!!"

"Nate - All I can say is WOW!!! What you've taught in these masterclasses is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. In particular, the tone curve panel has always mystified me, and now I can use it to do some really cool things! It's making a HUGE difference... I'm more satisfied with these results than anything I've done in the recent past 😃"

Jeffrey Erikson

"Exactly what my photography had been missing..."

“Hi Nate! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this course so much... it's exactly what my photography had been missing. I've taken courses before on CreativeLive and, but neither had the real-world application your training provides. Other courses focus on the features in Lightroom, but they never explain how to achieve specific styles from scratch. If photo editing is like cooking, your class is like learning from Gordon Ramsay (only nicer!), while the other classes are busy teaching you how to use the oven."

Kelly Barr

"After this course, I know EXACTLY how to get the look I'm envisioning"

"Hi Nate!! I just finished Lightroom Mastery and let me say it's just AMAZING!! Even though I had been using Lightroom for years, I never really understood how to properly use some of the tools. But after this course I know EXACTLY how to use each tool to get the look I'm envisioning! The explanations you give are so simple and clear that it's impossible not to understand! Also the cheat sheets are really great and helpful! Thanks loads for an awesome course!"

Gohar Telumyan

"This course went WAY beyond my expectations"

""NATE! This course went WAY beyond my expectations! Love how you break down complex subjects in a way that just makes sense! The way you merge theory and practice in Lightroom is perfect!""

Arne Hauck

Meet Your Instructor


Nate Johnson is a full-time preset designer, Lightroom consultant and the creator of NATE Photographic. The presets he's designed are used by over 100,000 photographers worldwide. When he's not busy creating film emulations, consulting on RAW processing, or helping photographers build their own signature look, he loves to ride his Honda Ruckus scooter around the busy streets of Philadelphia with his trusted Hasselblad 500c/m.

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