Lightroom Presets

Take Your Photos Beyond Emulation

The magic of analog is about more than just the film – it's about bringing your artistic vision to life. That's why NATE Presets are designed different. Rather than imitating the average result of a film, these presets capture entire aesthetics – combining analog film, development techniques and paper styles to take your work beyond emulation.




Crafted For Your Camera

Every NATE preset is custom calibrated for your camera model, using the exclusive "NATE Cam" custom camera profiles. That means these presets are built to work in the real world – with YOUR camera – and not just to look good in demo images. See Supported Cameras.

ABOVE: Every NATE preset automatically uses a custom calibration made specifically for your camera. (E-Chrome 07 / Nikon D700) 


Superior Tone & Color
Not all RAW profiles are created equally. The NATE Cam profile built for your camera takes full advantage of the capabilities of RAW profiles. It includes precise calibrations that improve both tone & color renditions. In technical terms, they use embedded Tone Curves, the Color LookTable, and the ColorMatrix. This isn't always the case with other preset makers, many of which only calibrate tones in the embedded Tone Curve.


Better Results in All Kinds of Light
Our calibration profiles automatically adjust to the white-balance of your photo to provide more accurate colors. To do this, our profiles are calibrated against two different lighting situations (one using "cool" light and another using "warm" light). Having these "Dual-Illuminant" calibrations enables Lightroom to render colors more accurately & naturally across all kinds of lighting situations.


500+ Custom Profiles (and counting)
Your camera model is unique in the way it's sensors interprets tone & color. That's why NATE presets include a custom RAW calibration profiles made unique to your camera model. They're the foundation of every NATE preset, and part of the reason they produce consistently stunning results, no matter which camera you use. SEE SUPPORTED CAMERAS.

Fine Tune Your Style

NATE presets make it easy to style your photos exactly the way you want.  Adjust the intensity of any preset, quickly and accurately, using the included strength variations. And use the include NATE Film Toolkit in conjunction with each main preset to fine-tune your look. See how >>


Adjustable Intensity Levels
Ever wish you could make a preset a little less (or more) intense? Now you can. Every NATE preset comes with adjustable intensity levels, so you can dial-in just the right intensity for your style. While Lightroom can't blend layers, I've modeled this effect for you. So you can accurately turn down (or up) the intensity of each preset.


The NATE Film Toolkit
The NATE Film Toolkit gives you access to some of my favorite (and most often used) tweaks. They were designed to work perfectly with the way I've built the main preset packs, acting as a a secondary step in your processing.  It lets you fine tune your look quickly, in ways that would be cumbersome to do manually. It includes: Film Dynamics, Film Fade, Film Punch, Film Saturation & Advanced Film Grain. Watch how the Film Toolkit works >>


Easier to Adjust Curve Points
The professional level presets from NATE include simpler, easier to adjust curve points than the free starter pack. By using the minimum number of points required to built each curve, it makes it simpler for you to make adjustments and fine-tune your look. 

Photographers ♥️ NATE Presets

Really loving what I'm seeing out of this set. This is one of the most straightforward, comprehensive, and well thought out sets I've ever purchased. Super user friendly, and at the same time, super customizable.. Just wanted to say this is a real quality purchase!"Derek VanHorn

"These are truly excellent!!! Wow! I had been using [a different preset pack] but E-Chrome takes my work through the roof. Also, I’d just like to add that these are the first presets that look great on skin tones of people of color (much needed!). Thank you!!!!!!!Angela Carabelas

"Just tried these out and I’m more than amazed. The EX04 is definitely my favorite to use 🙂 "Sander Antoniak

"OMG NATE!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE F***ING BEST!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm a little excited with this..."Alan Vieira

"I literally love every single preset of E-Chrome Collection. The presets are unique and full of character. I love the classic film style it adds to my photos!"Gohar Telumyan

"I’ve just installed them and they are AWESOME!!! I love the Film toolkit stuff as well! I keep recommending your presets to everyone and I’m definitely going to share this one!" Ondřej Duffek

"Really beautiful set! I’m absolutely in love!"Enrica Brescia

"Right off the bat, I love using these presets!! You've done a wonderful job"Irene